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Red Rooster PR works passionately to help our clients achieve their business objectives with PR, whether that means attracting customers, investors, talent, or building general brand awareness. We have built excellent relationships with technology, business, consumer and trade reporters. We have mastered the craft of storytelling in order to capture the interest of reporters and their audiences. And below all of that, we have deep experience laying out a strategy and plan to execute upon.

If you’re looking for a partner who gets emerging tech (cloud, big data, new media) or understands how to land national media coverage for a consumer tech brand, we’re it. We know it’s not just the product or service you are selling, it’s the story behind it that gets noticed. Great storytelling is the secret behind every great article, and we are the quintessential storytellers.

Working with Red Rooster PR means we tailor a relationship that is best-suited for each client, and no client is the same. Interested in learning more about our rock-solid results? Give us a shout today.

*Awards & Speaking Engagements

Winning industry awards and speaking at industry events can position your brand as a significant player in your market. On the awards front, we research and nominate you for industry awards – product, company or executive-focused. As for speaking, we pitch and secure our clients as speakers at the events that matter to them, taking care of everything from conceptualizing panel ideas to writing nomination essays and tracking deadlines.


  • Product awards
  • Company awards
  • Executive awards
  • Panel speaking opportunities
  • Keynote speaking opportunities

*Corporate Communication Strategy

Any public relations strategy or tactic is only as good as the strategic communications plan that drives it — meaning that planning is everything. One of the best ways to address problems, maximize opportunities or manage your company’s reputation is to take a strategic, research-based approach. Red Rooster PR can develop a comprehensive communications plan designed specifically for your company and implement it with the results you need.

*Crisis Preparation & Management

What is a crisis? Anything that can cause the success or failure of your business. And there are two ways to deal with a crisis. The right way and the wrong way. Much crisis work can be done proactively, easing tensions and allowing for better responses when a crisis actually occurs. When the fire does start kindling, let Red Rooster PR’s crisis management team help your company communicate with key stakeholders and protect one of your company’s most precious assets — its reputation.

*Daily News Monitoring & Media Reporting

News today travels at the speed of “send,” “post” or “tweet.” With countless outlets spitting out multiple headlines per hour (and sometimes per minute), you need a team like ours monitoring and sifting through what’s important for your organization. It’s the best way to keep your colleagues informed of how you are making headlines, what the competition is up to and what’s happening in your industry.

*Trade Shows

Media just don’t attend as many live events these days. Red Rooster PR times and positions your news to stand out, knows which reporters will “cover” events remotely, and seamlessly integrates social media strategies to get the most out of each event.

*Media Relations

Media placements in leading technology, business, consumer and trade publications build credibility and visibility for your brand amongst your target market. We know how reporters think and what they want, and our track record includes getting clients coveted coverage ranging from the cover of Inc. Magazine to The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TechCrunch, AP, Reuters, Mashable, VentureBeat, The Next Web, CIO, InformationWeek, CBS, NBC, and many more.


  • News announcements
  • Media interviews
  • Newsjacking
  • Data stories
  • Round-up/Best-of stories
  • Case study stories

*Media Training

We run an intensive media training program to ensure that you can articulate your key messages and issues confidently, negotiate different interview styles and make an immediate impression. From in-house group sessions to one-on-one coaching, we’ll tailor our training to suit your needs.

*News Release Development & Distribution

Whether you call it a news release or a press release, writing them is an art. Members of the media see hundreds of press releases a day. What will make yours stand out and cause them to want to cover your story? A news release has to be clever, thoroughly researched and 100 percent factual with minimal hyperbole.


No communications campaign will be on-target if the proper research hasn’t been conducted. From focus groups to surveys and case studies to literature reviews, make sure your PR work gets off on the right foot.

*Social Media & Digital Ads

Engaging with target audience members and industry influencers through one-on-one social media conversations is crucial in building a strong brand following. We create content to push through your social networks and we build and manage your community of followers and fans. On the digital ad front, our team builds social and search ad campaigns that increase conversions and traffic to your website, while decreasing conversion costs.


  • Social media strategy & implementation
  • Community building & management
  • Digital ad campaigns

*Thought Leadership

Establishing members of your company as thought leaders can be key in differentiating you from the competition and establishing you as an industry leader with a unique viewpoint. Our team is very experienced with brainstorming, writing, and securing coverage of op-eds and expert commentary. We also set up interviews with journalists for them to learn your ideas about the industry.


  • Bylined articles & op-eds
  • Expert commentary
  • Thought leadership interviews

*PR Services Snapshot


Red Rooster PR is a full service public relations agency. We help our clients achieve their business goals through a customized combination of the following services:


  • Strategic counsel
  • Messaging and positioning development
  • Writing (press releases, byline articles, case studies, blog posts, etc.)
  • Corporate launches
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Product launches
  • Media relations & press tours
  • Analyst relations
  • Events and tradeshow support
  • Spokesperson training
  • Speakers bureau
  • Award programs
  • Social media
  • Crisis communications